Things To Do In Tangier

Although it's a historical city and a cultural melting pot, Tangier is often overlooked by many travelers who consider it a “first-stop” to get to other cities in Morocco. Today we’re hoping to change your mind about this amazing city, and maybe convince you to spend a bit more time with us when you visit Morocco!

Whether it's one day, or a whole month, there’s plenty to do in Tangier, and if you plan your trip right, you’ll never get bored here! Here’s an overview of some of the best things you can do in Tangier: 

Walk In The Old Medina


The old medina has several entrances, and there are points of entrances in almost all of the narrow winding streets of the medina. You can wander around during the day and visit some of the shops selling traditional handmade goods, and end your day with a drink on one of the riads to enjoy the view.

The medina market has totally different vibes depending on the time of day you visit. You can enjoy a peaceful and quiet walk in the morning, or come in the evening for the full experience.

Kasbah Museum


Collection of antiques, artifacts & statues detailing the history of the Tangier area.

Entrance fee: 20 dirhams

Hours: Closes 6PM

Phone: 05399-12092

It’s located in the Kasbah, and can be reached from the Bab Kasbah, or Bab Bhar entrances. 

Cafe Hafa


This 100 year old cafe (as of June 2021) is located on top of the Kasbah, next to the Phoenician tombs, Cafe Hafa has one of the best views in Tangier, overlooking the mediterranean and fishing port. You can finish your day with some Moroccan mint tea and the best sunset in town! 

Hours: Closes 11PM

Prices: despite its historical status, Cafe Hafa is very cheap, and most drinks are under 15 dirhams.

Grand Socco


Officially known as Place du Grand 9 Avril, and Locally known as Souk Sbarra. You’ll probably find yourself here several times in a day since it's the starting point for most points of interest. In here you’ll find another historical place, Cinema Rif, an art house cinema and cultural center.

Grand Socco is also close to the medina market, and Bab Fass, which leads to the Kasbah. 

Old Medina Market


Can be accessed from almost any of the Kasbah entrances, and expands throughout all the main streets, and many of the narrow streets of the Kasbah.

Here you can find many shops selling almost everything. Shops usually open after 9, and remain open until 10pm during most of the year, and 2am during the summer. 

Ghoulal (Snail Soup)


Ghoulal is one of Tangier’s specialty street foods. You can find street vendors pushing Ghoulal carts in almost any big neighborhood, and especially in the medina and on the beach. A bowl goes for 5 dirhams, and is definitely a recommendation if you’re a food adventurer. 

Cap Spartel


Cape Spartel is a promontory in Morocco at the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar, 12 km West of Tangier. It’s of special interest because from here you can see where the mediterranean connects with the Atlantic ocean.

You can visit this during morning to late afternoon hours, or enjoy the sunset from one of the cafes here. While you’re here, you can also visit Hercules Cave, which is just a walk away

Hercules Cave


The Caves of Hercules is an archaeological cave complex located in Cape Spartel, the cave has two openings, one to sea and one to land. The sea opening is also known as “The Map of Africa”. The cave complex has many historical legends behind it, and was long thought to be bottomless, going all the way from North Morocco to Gibraltar. 

Hours: Closes 8PM

Camel Tour


You’ll find camel tour guides all around the Cap Spartel / Hercules cave area.

Prices ranging from 50 to 300 dirhams depending on the tour duration.                    


Cafe Altalalh


Cafe Altalalh is a 10 minute drive from Cap Spartel, here you can enjoy hot drinks, local food, and barbeque. It has one of the best views in Tangier, combining the blue Atlantic ocean with the green hills of Tangier, it’s the perfect place to finish your day.

Parc Perdicaris

Parc boisé prisé pour les pique-niques et le sport, avec des chemins de randonnée vallonnés offrant une vue panoramique sur l'océan.